Basics of Investing in Penny Stocks

penny stocksPenny stocks are also known as one-cent stocks and are common shares for small companies that trade at low prices per share. Despite this name, any stock is considered a penny stock if its value is less than $5 or less per share. Companies behind penny stocks are in most cases unstable or the new entrants to the stock market, else they have a very low net worth. Many of these companies sell few products and services and normally do not publish their financials.

Penny stocks are characterized by a lot of volatility. Because of this volatility, they also serve an astounding opportunity to make money. Due to the fast-moving stock, you can take advantage of the day’s trading and make a lot of profits. Instead of buying stock in the morning when the market opens and selling in the evening when the market closes, you capitalize on buying in between the day and selling the stock after just a few hours. The volatility of penny stocks is very dangerous, and that is what creates all the business in investing in them.


Investing in Penny Stocks

There are a couple of ways to invest in the penny stock market. The most effective method is to buy stocks based entirely on the supposition that the value of the stock will rise, and then sell the shares once they reach a certain predetermined value. Additionally, you can short sell penny stocks and this means believing that the value of the penny stocks will decline. This allows you to borrow shares that you do not yet own, and then sell them when the price drops. Regardless of the manner, you invest in penny stocks, it can be very lucrative once you get your math right.

Unlike other types of stock, penny stocks are traded over the counter. This means a broker allows you to transact using the money on your accounts. If you want to trade in penny stocks, you can open an account specifically for this purpose, with as little as $500. You then decide what stocks to buy or sell in the short term.  To participate in this trade, you need to have a good understanding of charts and patterns to avoid making losses.

The benefits of participating in penny stocks can be numerous. However, you need to note that the penny stock market is very complex and if you are not careful, you may make a lot of losses.


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